Central Missouri Phenom (CMP) was created in 2015 to give Mid Missouri athletes an opportunity that currently does not exist for them without traveling to the Kansas City or St. Louis area. We are a Non For Profit organization governed by a "Board" as required under the IRS's 501(c)(3) rules.

Central Missouri Phenom (CMP) and Phenom Fastpitch have created a team of coaches/instructors that include current or former collegiate athletes and coaches to help give your athlete the best learning environment possible. Our coaches train athletes with the most up to date skills and this will foster a culture of competitiveness between players and teams which will produce a level of high intensity in practice and carry over into games. To keep our busier athletes in training, we have implemented organizational "standard principles." This is done by teaching similar strategies across our teams so we can share athletes easier when a team is shorthanded or a player needs/wants extra game experience. This will also eliminate the need for outside guest players. In addition to this we can open practices up when an athlete misses their own team's practice due to multi-sport or family related conflicts.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Central Missouri Phenom?

What we provide:
•    Strong promotions and contacts to get you to the next level (100% of our eligible 2019 and 2020 athletes were signed)
•    Sent 18761 promotions in a 5 1/2 year period.  That’s more than 3000 opportunities per year for our Junior and senior athletes to reach their goals.
•    Reputation (We compete shoulder to shoulder with the best in our region and nationally).
•    We utilize and provide access to the best training facilities and tools. The Zone, HitTrax, and laser timing to name a few.
•    Tournament schedule designed to gain the highest recruitment opportunities within our region.
•    Flexible payment option for player fees.
•    Individualized position focused practices including Spring Training camps.
•    Recruitment classes to prepare the athletes for the process.
•    Discounted rates on equipment, uniforms, and tournaments.
•    Zone membership included in fees (value $420/yr).
•    HitTrax membership included in fees (value $1000)
•    Fieldlevel Premium platform included in fees (value $500/yr).
•    Coaches that actively work to promote you. We don’t just expect the athletes to do all the work.  We are in constant contact with college coaches to keep Phenom athletes on the radar. A Full recruitment package is included in the fees for our athletes saving families thousands a year compared to other  recruiting agencies. You can spend upwards of $4000 for an agency to promote your athlete with limited knowledge of how they perform on top of fees to play on a select travel team. Or you can travel with us all summer as we coach those athletes and we learn what they are capable of, That’s how we give credible information to the colleges. Our recruiting package extends beyond High School and we continue to help athletes at collegiate level.
•    While in college,  if you return home we facilitate free access for continued training as available.  Once you’re in our Phenom family you are always family.

Total value:  You have to decide!
Cost savings: Depending on the recruiting organization you would choose outside GSR (Grand Slam Recruiting) your cost saving would range between $3760-$4500/annually.

Additional things we provide not listed above:
1. Accidental/liability insurance is carried on every athlete.  $100 deductible up to $12000 coverage.
2. Sanction fees for each different tournament organization.
3. Tournaments themselves range from $1000-$1695/tournament for our high level teams.
4. Practice Baseballs/game balls included in fees.
5. Field access for outside practices.
6. Paid coaches that are required to attend training.  (Starting in 2021 all coaches will be required to attend a coaching seminar to improve their knowledge base).
7. We offer many avenues to fundraise to defray the cost to play travel ball.

Come join our program with a proven track record of success, Over 80 Phenom athletes have signed to play ball at the next level since 2015. We continue to up our game!  Are you ready to up yours? Message us about joining our program today!

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