Central Missouri Phenom (CMP) and Missouri Stealth Fastpitch (MS) joined forces in 2019 to create a new competitive youth sports experience for central Missouri athletes.

Neal Sidebottom (CMP),  Kevin Ward (MS) and Jason Marino, (who has 12 years of previous college coaching experience) came together to maximize the power of 30 plus youth baseball and softball teams to give Mid Missouri athletes an opportunity that currently does not exist for them without traveling to the Kansas City or St. Louis area

Central Missouri Phenom (CMP) is a Non For Profit organization governed by a "Board" as required under the IRS's 501(c)(3) rules. Neal Sidebottom is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for CMP and Director of  Baseball Operations and Recruitment. Kevin Ward is the Director of Softball Operations. Jason Marino is the Fastpitch Director of Player Development and Recruiting. Dave Watkins is the Director of Business Development, Fundraising and Marketing. Kevin, Jason and Dave are all voting members of the CMP Board. 

Central Missouri Phenom (CMP) and Missouri Stealth Fastpitch (MS) have created a team of coaches that include current or former collegiate athletes and coaches. We want non-parents leading the teams to reduce favoritism perceptions. We use proven parent coaches to maintain consistency by using designated drills assigned by the head coach during parent lead practices when the head coach has a conflict of schedule. This key group of coaches has been carefully developed and lead by Jason Marino. 

Benefits of being a part of the Central Missouri Phenom (CMP) and Missouri Stealth Fastpitch (MS) organization are that with 30+ teams we are able to buy in bulk and save thousands each year and pass those savings directly to the families of CMP & MS athletes. We have multiple facilities in the Jefferson City, Columbia, Sedalia, and Osage Beach communities that our teams will have priority access too and assurance CMP/MS teams can practice even when it is not possible to be outside on the fields.

To keep our busier athletes in training, we have implemented organizational "standard principles." This is done by teaching similar strategies across our teams so we can share athletes easier when a team is shorthanded or a player needs/wants extra game experience. This will also eliminate the need for outside guest players. In addition to this we can open practices up when an athlete misses their own team's practice due to multi-sport or family related conflicts. Our coaches train athletes with the most up to date skills and this will foster a culture of competitiveness between players and teams with will produce a level of high intensity in practice and carry over into games. Another savings families will get from being a part of the CMP and MS organization is hotel savings. Our hotel coordinator works directly with hotel chain corporate offices to get the best possible rates. With multiple teams staying in the same hotel we get the best rates.