Central Missouri Phenom Inc.

"If you have two strikes on you  and the pitch is close, swing; who do you trust more, yourself or the umpire?"

Copy and Paste Forms into a word Document.
Fill it out, print, email or bring in person.

Tryout Fee $10 (covers field rental and supplies)  If paying by check, please make payable to Central Missouri Phenom
Name ____________________________________  Age as of May 1, 2018  _______   Date of Birth _________________________  
Address ___________________________________________________________    
City _____________________________________ Zip Code _______________    
School __________________________________   Grade ___________  
Email ____________________________________________  
Phone ___________________   Alternate _________________
Player Experience (Teams and number of years) _________________________________________________________________________
Positions played:            Positions interested in:  
___________________________                   _________________________________  
Throws _______      Bats _______ (L, R or switch)   
Which of the following are you trying out for?   Showcase Team       or       AA/AAA team
If not offered a position on a Showcase team,  would you accept a position on a AA/AAA team?    Yes     or      No
Medical Conditions ________________________________________________________  
Medications ______________________________________________________________  
Parents contact info if different than above  _________________________________________________________________  
Trying out for this team you are aware that we require a full commitment.  We do not recommend playing for other teams however, if you do, this team will be your priority.  If you’re going to miss a game or games we should be made aware way in advance.  Expect to play at least 7 weekends starting in June for the older age groups.  The younger age groups will start in early spring.  We will be practicing throughout the winter at least once per week.    Our goals, depending on your age group, are to prepare you to play at a showcase level.  We need you to stay shiny on and off the field.  Good grades, Attitude, & Effort are the key to playing at the next level.  
Player Signature __________________________________________  
Parent Signature __________________________________________