Grand Slam Recruiting is designed to provide showcase opportunities, promotion, and communication to assist student- athletes in reaching their goals to play at the next level. We have been successful in placing 65 collegiate athletes over a 5 year period. We have developed quality relationships with college coaches locally, regionally, and nationally. It is our commitment to each athlete that we work diligently to provide the exposure necessary to get you noticed and playing at the next level.  

We have our new Hittrax system that will give us state of the art technology to help develop the very best promotion videos.  All the metrics provided through Hitrax will far exceed any expectations of a college coach and give you the upper hand in being selected over other recruits.  
Student-atheltes will each have a detailed profile created and used to draw attention to your specialized skill set and educational accomplishments.  
Each athlete will have individualized counseling/planning with our action committee.  You are involved in all aspect of the recruiting process.  
Fieldlevel premium is another tool that we use in addition to our personal interactions with college coaches.  Fieldlevel allows us to see a programs needs from year to year as well as allowing you to select target schools that you want to be promoted to.  
GSR is unrivaled in the cost value to players regardless of what program you play for.  Our goals are to provide you with the best quality and the highest level success!