The Phenom organization takes pride in providing the best training opportunities in Mid Missouri. We use top notch trainers like 27th round Los Angeles Angels draft pick, Jake Voss.

In addition to the outstanding personal training, here at Central Missouri Phenom, we take pride in using the latest in virtual athletic training, by offering LIVE 1 on 1 training from professional athletic instructor, Matt Meier, former draft pick for the Colorado Rockies and former Lindenwood University, pitcher, from the comfort of your home with Between The Lines baseball training. 

We are also very proud to have the opportunity to offer HitTrax not only to our Central Missouri Phenom players, but to the public as well in the brand new, state of the art, 35,000 square foot building called The Zone.  HitTrax is the world's leading data capture and simulation system for training and skill assessment for baseball and softball.