Jake Voss



Drafted 27th Round by the Los Angeles Angels
-Pitched at Creighton University
-Pitched at Jefferson College
-Trained at Texas Baseball Ranch
“A lot of people have asked me how I’ve gotten to the where I’m at in baseball and it’s honestly no secret at all. It’s because I throw hard. Throwing hard is a huge factor in baseball today and if you don’t throw at least 90 mph, the odds of you playing Collegiate baseball at a high level are not in your favor. I’ve learned tons of drills to help build velocity over the last 4 years going from 81 to 98, and I am very excited to share and teach them with individuals to give them a chance to play baseball at the same level I’m currently playing. My second half of the season this year, I averaged 95.7 MPH on my fastball and averaged around 15k’s per 9 innings and didn’t allow a hit my last 7+ innings.”

Jacob is returning from his first full season of baseball and is looking to give back to his local hometown community by providing some professional pitching instruction. He has been very fortunate to work with and get to know some of the best people in the baseball industry. Over the past few years, he has worked with Brian Delunas and Forest Hermann at P3 in St. Louis. Brian is now a MLB pitching coach for the Seattle Mariners and Forest is a Minor League pitching coordinator for the Seattle Mariners. Working with these two individuals and being around MLB players for the last 4 years, Jacob has learned more about pitching than he had ever dreamed. His fastball has gone from topping 81 in HS to now peaking at 98 this year! He’s been labeled as one of the top pitching prospects in the Angels organization. His pitching coordinator, Matt Wise for the Angels has taught him a new way to throw a curveball this offseason that he has been known for throwing in his 12 year big league career. Within the first day of throwing it, that pitch was graded by the scouting director as better than around 90% of all MLB curveballs.
Accordingly, Jacob was selected to attend a special camp in January in Arizona with the Angels that only around 8 pitchers out of 120 get invited to go to so – so he will only be available to give lessons from now until then!
He is sincerely looking forward to helping the kids in mid-Missouri reach their full potential!